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MeMo Reporters and WorkshopExperience are partnering to create a new and unique one-year Course Of Photojournalism and Reportage in Madrid, Spain.

Course Of Photojournalism and Reportage program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in photojournalism and reportage, with the aim to develop personal projects and for those willing to improve the personal storytelling process.

The Master also pushes the student to develop a personal approach and photographic language to express his own voice. During the course students will work on a personal project.


When: October 5th 2018

Duration: 7 months, 260 hours

Status: OPEN

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MeMo is a cooperative founded by a group of award-winning freelance photographers committed to covering the stories affecting the world around them. In 2015, in partnership with a group of web-passionate developers they have created MeMo Magazine. They use the strength of digital technology and their sensitive eye to produce this unique and innovative cross-media App which combines photography, video, text, 3D animation and info- graphics in order to develop and consolidate new ways of storytelling. The same year MeMo Magazine has been awarded with the Human Rights Journalism Award, The FWA – Favorite Website Awards and Digital Magazine Awards for the innovate concept and design.

In 2016 MeMo has created MeMo Factory, a virtual and physical space in Turin devoted to the development and implementation of new narrative models. MeMo Factory focuses on the production of exhibitions, documentaries and web docs and has recently started an educational program whose aim is to promote the learning of new photojournalistic narratives.

MeMo is a cooperative founded by a group of recognized freelance  photographers filmmakers and authors committed to document through visual storytelling the world around us.

Headquarter | MeMo Factory

Docks Dora
Via Valprato, 68
10155 Torino


+39  340 8564425
+34  606 990 687


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